Thursday, September 23, 2010


...oh! Pay me. Lawyer's salary, please. Ok, apparently I can remember how a commercial goes, but I haven't the slightest idea what it was selling. I assume it was some kind of game, but I can't remember any game that involved decisions and salaries and lawyers. But I digress.

In our last episode of "Tumor Man", he was told that he had the option to stop taking the monthly chemo treatment. Desperately we all needed to know! Would he pull away from the *medication* that some think is his greatest hope at beating back the evil cancer? Or would he continue swallowing the toxic monster, reducing himself to a mere pulp for one week out of every month, never knowing for sure if the "medication" is living up to it's expectations. Which way will he turn?

As with most decisions, "Tumor Man" opts for whatever keeps the most options open (in spite of "Tumor Dad's" advice long ago that keeping options "open" eventually closes many of them). How is it possible to keep your options open? Turns out one answer is to reduce your dosage. "Tumor Man" noticed that a few of his comrades were taking less Temodar than he was, but they weighed more. That's just not fair! So "Tumor Man" requested a reduction in his dosage to see if he could handle the cycle better. And lo and behold, it was somewhat of a success! There's still some fatigue, and his digestive system gets shaken up just like before, but his energy seemed much better than with the higher dose.

Will "Tumor Man" stay the course? Or will he decide that the lower dose probably has even less impact against the evil cancer empire? Stay tuned for the next episode!