Monday, October 18, 2010

Another "First"

Back in July was my "Month of Firsts," but it didn't end there. Today I added another one. Previously a biweekly event, today I had my first massage since the diagnosis. Relaxing? Only after the fact. But it is deep tissue massage....ouch.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Awhile back, I suggested the possibility of somehow attaching a photocatalyst (TiO2) to the cancer cells, and then illuminating it with UV light to kill the cells. I've worked on similar projects for cleaning boat hulls or purifying water. Why not kill cancer? Of course, usually when I come up with some great idea, I find out that it's already been done. In this case, as you can imagine, that didn't really bother me. Even so, it begs the question, how easily can the photocatalyst find the tumor? On top of that, how easily can it be illuminated? Through the skull? Not likely.

And then I see a story about a local neurosurgeon here at UCSF, and suddenly it feels like maybe it's all coming together.

I love science.