Monday, July 16, 2012

Color me silly

When we last saw Logan, he was showing a "bleaching" pattern taking over his whole body. Maturity? Stress? Well, fellow Avengers, this pattern was caused by the evil and lazy cancer drug villain.

But wait! Could it be?!? Is this our same hero Logan, fighting off the evil Doctor Bleachmeister?

Hurray! Hurray! But wait....has he really finished off the Bleachmeister? Stay tuned....

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Good news CAN lead to late posts

Just got word today and basically the MRI looked stable. That is to say, nothing is growing in an alarming way. In fact, the results were so unimpressive that my next MRI will be held *two* months from now. So what led to the delay in reporting? As soon as I got the word, I decided it was time to start living my next two months. So I got ready and headed north for a fantastic annual kayak trip. I'll try to post more info upon my return. Have a great weekend!