Monday, July 20, 2009

On your mark...get set....

This is the week. The "standard" treatment is scheduled to start next week, so if I'm going to go "radical" somehow (in a clinic or adding more chemo), I need to find out what the options are and whether to try something different. My brother and I made the phone calls, left the messages, and now we wait.

One of the most important treatments for this, I'm told, is positive mental focus. This weekend was amazing and definitely reminded me why getting through this (in good shape) is the way I gotta go. My physical health has improved a lot since the surgery, so I finally had time to go outside and hang out with lots of my wonderful friends here in SF. But once the treatment begins, there's a chance the physical health will decline again. For that reason, I've been creating a list of motivations to keep me pointed in the right direction. Of course, given my general lack of organization, that list consists of things that I've told various friends and family members. So...if any of you have time to shoot me an e-mail to remind me what I said, it would definitely help. Otherwise, I'll have to pull out some lame excuse for forgetting....

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  1. I am glad that you got to go outside! That's your milieu. And I like hearing the scientist go just a little bit groovey, although maybe there's actual science to backup the positive attitude. Either way, you come across as amazingly and inspirationally positive. And if you need any help organizing anything, then just say the word :-)