Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'm walkin', yes indeed....

Yep, I finished my cycle last week and turned around relatively quickly, just in time to take part in the Brain Tumor Walk here in San Francisco. I know, you're picturing a bunch of nasty, spidery looking brain parts with legs on them cruising the streets searching for victims. Sorry to disappoint. It's really just a fundraiser and community day to support research and patient services at the National Brain Tumor Society. There were a few thousand people there raising hundreds of thousands of dollars. The "survivors" wore blue shirts and the "supporters" wore white, but lots of the teams had their own required costumes, greatly adding to the entertainment value. It was both comforting and a bit...humbling? disheartening?...to see several survivors, some around for many years, walking alongside friends and relatives of those who were lost. Regardless, I'm convinced that I will be there next year.


  1. I'm 100% convinced you'll be there next year, and perhaps we can come out and join you (with a little more advanced notice?) : )