Saturday, December 18, 2010

Now be honest....

How would *you* react to someone saying "I have cancer, but I'll buy you a drink."

And I used to think dating was hard....

(Here is the full article. It reminds me of Alicia's amazing, yet also terribly sad, story)


  1. It's a sad but beautiful story. Honestly, I think it is a beautiful gift that someone would want to spend those precious hours with me.

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  3. I haven't found the appropriate time to disclose yet..."Hi I lost my tongue to about a kiss goodnight"...ha! All I get is terror on their faces!

    Great subject..but a sad reality.

    Peace B

  4. Boy do I know how you feel!!!! It's hard enough meeting a nice guy in my 40s, but when do I share "I had a brain tumor, but they got most of it, so I should be good to go" :) Oy.