Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lets Get 'Er Done!

In spite of my typical inability to plan ahead, I've finally got...well...a plan! I will be heading down to Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles on February 7th with (at least) one of my sisters. On the 8th I'll have a meeting with Dr. Yu to discuss my treatment, and then on the 9th I'll have the craniotomy to remove the tumor. Once I recover enough, I'll head back up to SF to recuperate with (at least) one of my sisters. Meanwhile, assuming the tumor is large enough, it will be mashed around with some of my dendritic cells to create a vaccine which I will get poked with about 3-4 weeks after. How's THAT for a plan!

As for the rest of my stressful time, let's just say that in spite of the brilliant and logical arguments presented by me and my sisters, Kaiser held their ground as expected. That said, I've managed to work around them and all is well and good in coverage-land.

While I was struggling through the decision making process, I did contact Livestrong, the organization for which Huck Cancer was (and is) raising money. They were incredibly empathetic and extremely helpful! So with that, I hereby announce a different "recurrence". If the tumors are going to repeat themselves, then so is the battle to fight them!

I give you: Huck Cancer II - Yes, We Still Give A Huck !!!

Spread the word, share the hate. And please donate.

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  1. I like the plan & the attitude! Let's do this thing! Let me know if anything needs to be done here to help either before, during, or after the trip south!