Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Sorry. I kinda left people hangin'. So here's a quick summary of answers to questions you probably all have, but thankfully my dear friend Poopapuparama voiced:

1) How many treatments so far?
None. I don't start the actual vaccines until March 14th. They will be day trips to LA taking about 3 hours. I start with some Benadryl and Tylenol, and then I get "the shot". Then they watch my reaction for the rest of the time. I get 3 vaccines total, every other Monday, starting the 14th. Along with the vaccines I need to apply Imiquimod to my (soon to be shaven) armpit for 5 days surrounding the vaccine. This is meant to aggravate my immune system to enhance the vaccines.

2) How do you feel from them?
We'll see....

3) Is sis still there?
Nope. Big sis left soon after we got back from LA, and "W" left that Saturday. Last week I spent time recuperating, but this week I'm actually back at work! It's going pretty well, though I haven't yet managed to get Jimmy to sing me that song he wrote....

4) How long do the treatments last each time and for how long will you be doing them?
See #1. But there are only 3 treatments, and then after the treatments I have another post-treatment appointment down in LA to see how they might be working and also to discuss the possibility of starting another chemo. Yeah, sure, I'm looking forward to that....

Other than that I'm doing relatively well. A little better every day, but knocking on wood a lot....

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  1. Hey there, I'm new to this blog. Good to hear that treatment is going well.