Wednesday, February 8, 2012

3rd time wasn't a charm....

Unfortunately, I'm not really out of the woods. The results today were not so good. The "stable tumor" I'd previously mentioned looked like it grew a little bit more. Worse yet, a completely new tumor was discovered, and is likely growing fairly rapidly. So...what's next?

I basically have the choice between standard care and clinical trials. It appears that all of the standard care can be implemented if a clinical trial "fails", so of course I'm leaning towards starting with clinical. The other option is whether or not I go through another surgery, which seems to be a personal choice. And personally, while they are kind of miserable and definitely take a page out of my life, I still find myself attracted to them, my own special love/hate relationship.

There is a particular trial suggested by Dr. B that might be the best option with which I qualify. It is a Phase II study using PLX3397 as the chemo treatment. I am also checking with Dr. Rudnick for a 2nd opinion and to discover what other options might be available. That said, I did research several options for the "stable tumor" and found that I didn't qualify for most of the radical trials given its location. Since it hasn't moved as much as it's spread across the pond, I'm guessing I still don't qualify for those trials and so don't have a lot of searching to do.

I am unfortunately likely to miss out on the Huck Cancer ultimate tournament - and might even be in the hospital when it's happening on March 3rd - but still want people to sign up or donate for the cause if you can!

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  1. Eric - What a sucky day and week!! I'm sorry to hear the not so good news, but happy to know that you are determined to take action! Also glad that you will be speaking with Dr. Rudnick for a second opinion and you know that MD Anderson is available for a third opinion if you so wish. Stay Strong and Keep The Faith!

    Your Friend in Solidarity,