Sunday, February 26, 2012

Familiar for me, but not for others

I just need to vent a little frustration with brain cancer. Right now, at this moment, I'm basically going through a somewhat similar recurrence as I've had the last 3 times. It's mixed in that of course I'd love not to have any recurrence, but I've also been keeping track of some of my "survivor" friends, and they are having their own, more difficult, challenges at this point. It reminds me of how miserable and frustrating this entire situation can be. We love to try to come up with reasons (cell phones, diets, genetics, etc.) some of which might have slight validity and all of which add to the illusion of control. But if we had control, then I know these friends would NOT be suffering right now. They are too wonderful to deserve this for any reason, and they are fighters. There is no obvious "causality" as there is for some cancers like lung cancer (and yes, I know I'm potentially shaking up a "cell phone" argument with others - but remember, I'm a physicist). There are currently some new paths to treatments and cures that are going well, but slowly. And there is frustration.


  1. Hi Eric,

    Life has many unexplained mysteries and science can't possibly explain or solve everything. Please try to not be frustrated with the limitations of the human condition and remember that, "There is no such thing as a bad day, just different types of good days".

    With Love and Prayers,


  2. Understandable.Sad how we have made leaps and bounds in some areas, but are still muddling through with this one.And this is just coming from me,someone who doesn't deal with what you're dealing with.wishing your friends well-whatever that really means when one is talking about the symptoms you guys go through :-(

  3. The fact and intensity of your caring about these friends is itself of great value.
    Chicken soup. Or chowder or minestrone or even stone soup. You've done the research and made tough decisions, and had the surgery ... now is a time for simple things?

  4. All I can say is "cancer sucks!" ... and I think that people who have a need to blame the victim to enhance their feelings of control kinda suck too. You have every right to vent, as you so rarely do so!!!!! Hang in there and I'm so happy that you are not having bad chemo effects and that the operation went well!!! Lots of love - you WILL beat this!!!

  5. Hey, it let me post!!! And sorry to be so blunt, but I went through people subtly putting forward that blame thing with my sister and I just wanted to honestly say, "shut up and appreciate your good luck with your health" ... while I think there is some causality in some things, I think a lot of cancer is just the draw of the "health lottery". As you say, people want to feel safe and that they can control such things. And it does hit - the best people :-(