Friday, March 2, 2012

I can finally show you all...

...the shaved head! I've been waiting for my brother and his family to get on the plane and ride out here to join in Huck Cancer so that I could surprise them with the "new look". If you recall, Andre Agassi was used historically as a benchmark to decide if I should shave my head or not. With each recurrence, I would once again raise the question, and every time my brother, out of solidarity, would shave his. Of course, his "solidarity" was very literal, in that I never ended up shaving mine. Until this week. And as it turns out, I do kinda look like cross between Andre and my brother.

You also get to see my lovely, puffy face from steroids. Gotta take advantage of this, so I'm headed off to join the NFL!


  1. OMG - clarification, please. Whose head belongs to who?
    Ok, I know and it's all good. Will bro do it again? and what about the rest of the guys?

  2. Looks good Eric! Any chance we will see you tomorrow? If not, when can I visit? Don't forget to clean up before the after party ... like the old days!!! Later (Stephen L.)

  3. Andre, I mean Eric - really great seeing you today and meeting your brother and his family! You are truly a good man and I'm proud to know you and to be a small part of your life. Amazing that you were at the tournament today and it's truly inspiring to see all the people that came out to support you with their friendship and love. You are a lucky man.

    Take Good Care,


  4. love the tennis racket eric. hope to see you soon.