Friday, March 9, 2012

Late latest update

Sorry for not posting earlier. I'm not even creative enough to use "brain tumor" as my excuse.

Wednesday was my meeting with Dr. B to talk about where I stand and to start the chemo trial again. Essentially the results are pretty promising. Most of the tumor was surgically removed (the new UCSF computer system is not quite reliable yet, so I didn't get to actually look at the latest MRIs). A small portion of the tumor remains, and word on the street is that Dr. Berger left it there in order to save my vision. As some of you know, I've lost some peripheral vision as a result of the past 3 brain surgeries. The best news was that tests on the surgically removed tumor showed that about 20% of it had already been killed by the chemo I was on for a week! Needless to say, I was excited to start the chemo again.

Beyond that, it looks like the vision loss is really permanent, since it's not happening at the processing level, but at the actual optical nerve. Luckily it's a region that I've only noticed when mountain biking, and I'll learn to adjust.


  1. Good thoughts and prayers sent your way! You definitely have the right attitude to beat this and we are rooting for you! (I'm a friend of Julie Green)

  2. Right On Brother - this is the one you have been waiting for - 20% in one week?!?! Absolutely Amazing - you so deserve it and I'm so proud of you - now keep it going!!!

    All the Best,