Tuesday, January 29, 2013

When "bad" means "good"?

As you recall, the initial result from CCNU showed tumor growth. We decided to continue with a higher dose, but really, my expectation was pretty minimal. In fact, the expectation was SO low that today, when I was told about how my tumor had grown slightly (smaller than the last time it grew), I was thrilled! Yes it grew bigger, but less so than the last time?!? Party time!

At this point, because this tumor cannot be stopped entirely, I'm definitely enjoying one day at a time. In fact, assuming I still qualify for the next cycle, we might try to hit the chemo a little more intensely.

Apology to those who have recently called or checked in. I will touch base soon. However, I just celebrated the event by eating a big cookie, and now it's time to sleep....


  1. Thanks for posting. I hate to ask but am often wondering.

  2. When the rate of increase is decreasing, we say that the second derivative is negative. ;) And we celebrate. :) Definitely, something to celebrate!

  3. This is how we should all live - one day at a time! Hoping and praying that each and every day will give you reason to celebrate!!

  4. Here's to every day being a day well lived!