Saturday, September 26, 2009

"Feeling good, Luis!"

A quick update: in the last week I've definitely started feeling better and better with time. This week I headed up to Tahoe ("Go Team Tahoe!") with "H-Lo" and "Ansela Adams" for a few days of recovery. It was great for them to pull me along and get me out and about, and I think just forcing a bit of activity has helped boost my energy. I still need more sleep than the old days, but I don't seem to need major midday naps anymore, and I'm ready to get some more exercise. I'm going to try to get back into working as much as possible, and hopefully when I begin treatment it won't knock me back down.

Speaking of which, there is now a plan. I will get another MRI on Oct. 7th, and then meet with the oncologists the same day to discuss the results and next steps. Assuming that the tumor is still shrinking (or at the very least, not growing), then the likely plan is to start the traditional monthly cycle of chemo: 5 days on, 23 days off. The dosage will increase dramatically over what I was taking during radiation, but will depend on how well my immune system responds. I will probably also try to get another appointment with the UCSF doctors to confirm the plan soon after it's laid out.

I did try to get a good chunk of exercise in today, going for a bike ride with my freighbor. It wasn't a lack of energy that sabotaged the ride, though. It was the three flat tires I got. We did eventually make it 25 miles...over four hours. Yes, we could've walked almost as quickly. Wouldn't Lance be proud of me? Actually, he has minions to change his tires on his rides.

As for the's not coming out anymore in clumps. I'm still back and forth on the decision, but not particularly concerned about it either way. It's more just something arbitrary to think about and keep my mind off important things. I'll wait another week to "decide". More important is whether I should use the creepy mask on Halloween....


  1. Nonsense, you'd have to be at least jogging to cover 25 miles in 4 hrs. Let me know if you need an arm or two twisted to get that UCSF app't.

  2. ok, so now you have to come for thanksgiving... i was feeling inspired, so last night i stayed up til like 1 am writing a song, and i want to play it for you. Hope the MRI goes good!

  3. 25 miles..!!??. Which one of us was adopted?

  4. so glad to see you yesterday. this is really beautifully articulated. especially appreciated you divulging your mom's michigan cookie-baking secret. thanks so much for sharing (even beyond the goodies). i'm sending warm, positive juju. xoxo