Thursday, September 10, 2009

Week 6, here we go!

Started the final week yesterday with a serious bonus. "H-Lo" brought me to the treatment, and then took me to my kayak friend "Neecie's" workplace where she had some frozen tomato soup for me. Turns out she works right next to....Guittard chocolate! She managed to convince them to take "H-Lo" and I on a quick tour. The place smells incredible, and we got to see all the different kinds of things they make. The guy who guided us is friends with "Neecie", so he showed us everything and they even gave us a few complementary treats to go. I almost felt like I should thank my tumor for this.

But on second thought, let's keep hammering it away for another week until it realizes it's overstayed its visit to my brain.

1 comment:

  1. Stay strong - hate on the tumor! Congrats in being done this week!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!!