Friday, December 2, 2011

Another slight glitch

I just found out that the chemo I'm on has negatively effected my liver, so I've been temporarily "removed". (I swear, mom, it wasn't alcohol!) Next week, when I go in for my MRI, I'll also get some more blood and urine tests and we'll see where things stand. Unfortunately this adds more grey to the situation, since one of the explanations for the potential recurrence was the period of time when I was off chemo due to the swelling...which was going to be "clarified" in my next MRI.


  1. Yuck, but at least the liver heals really well and chocolate helps.

  2. Dung! I would use a stronger word...but, this is a family site.

    I'm so sorry Eric. I hope that this is just a short side track. When is your next MRI?

  3. too bad eric doesn't like chocolate :)
    i see quick healing in the future (and chocolate bits littered all over the house). yum. too bad i'm in dc or i would selfishly offer to eat chocolate with you non-stop.


  4. Dang! How did I miss that?!? Well, at least I don't miss chocolate....