Wednesday, December 7, 2011

No change is good change!

Just came back from the latest MRI (which stands for "Most Reasonable Interpretation"). The white spot basically looks the same as the last time. There's still a little more information to gather, but for the most part, I felt good about the results. The next likely step is to get back onto the trial as soon as my liver cooperates. This will hopefully be confirmed tomorrow after Dr. B presents at the Tumor Board and my blood test returns negative. Of course, I'm still in "monitor mode" and will likely have another MRI in 4 weeks or so. However, it is possible that this "thing" will stay dormant for a long time, and I would be perfectly accepting of that as long as it doesn't impose itself!

Overall I guess it was not quite as good as I'd hoped for, but WAY better than I envisioned!


  1. Thanks for letting us know. Sounds good!

  2. WOOT! I say count every victory, no matter what'

  3. Casa de Geiser is relieved and Clover is looking forward to the next day you play hookey. Phew. Tx for the update.