Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Liver? Why I hardly....

Humor is always helpful when the news is not ideal. I had another blood test today, and just found out that my liver numbers are even higher than last week. Not to the point where I need to be worried about my liver (yet), but it definitely makes it more likely that I'll get kicked off the trial soon. I'm set up for another blood test on Monday as per request by Dr. B, though in my mind, if it didn't drop over the last week, then it's not likely to drop in that short of a time either (yes, my jaded opinion). He did mention that there have been patients in other trials who have had the same side effect and unfortunately it took them several months to drop back down. Of course, I was hoping to be one of those patients whose numbers dropped back to normal in a week or two.

As for other options, the current response from the team is that with a liver issue like this it is not quite a safe time to start Avastin or to have surgery (with anesthesia). The Avastin option was to make this "tumor" disappear, while the surgery was to determine whether it was a tumor after all. I wasn't really looking to do either of those unless there was a growing tumor, so if I do get kicked off this trial, my likely choice might just be to wait until my next MRI and see where we stand (readers' opinions are welcome).

Either way, there will be more discussion after the next blood draw. As he mentioned, it's a day to day process right now, with options and decisions all dependent on the liver numbers.

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