Saturday, October 22, 2011

Did it turn out that I was actually right?

First off, with every statement about conditions I make, I expect everyone out there to knock on wood.

I have been home since Thursday evening, and I still haven't shown any fever. The inflammation is definitely not increasing and in fact might be reducing even further. My energy is increasing.

Was my original theory correct? Here is even more potential evidence:
  1. The fever didn't start until 3 weeks after the surgery. If the surgery got infected, shouldn't it have shown its ugly head a little earlier?
  2. The inflammation didn't happen until many days after the initial fever. If the inflammation was caused by infection, shouldn't it come before the fever?
  3. If the inflammation were infected at all, isn't it more likely it would show up within the first 3 days since the assumption was it was caused by the infection?
  4. Couldn't the inflammation be caused by the either the high temperature fevers I had or by the fact that during that time I was lying down all day every day?
Of course, I'm not sure I'll convince my docs about it, and I still might not be making medical sense, but to me it seems the simplest logic. The flu kicks in, forces me to lie down and also heats up my body, and then the inflammation returns after almost being completely gone.

I meet with Dr. Berger on Monday to find out more and also will likely end up back on the chemo, so we'll see how much influence that will have.

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