Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"You are a mystery" - Several UCSF doctors

Here's the latest update. At this point the culture shows no infection. So they are going to check it out one more time tomorrow, and if it still shows nothing they will conclude that it is not infected. However, I've also been told that since I had a fever last night, I cannot have another fever within 24 hours. If I do, I'll be sticking around even longer. So far so good.

As far as the swelling goes, well, unfortunately it's growing again. I was given some potential reasons and lots of ways to approach it. The fluid build up is likely a small hole in the durum that makes it easy for the fluid to leak out from pressure but not get pressed back in. The treatments vary incredibly, and some of them are even a little depressing, so I won't go into that too much at this point, since we still haven't heard specifically from Dr. Berger, who is out of town. I have spoken a lot with Marlene the NP in that department, and she's been great.

All that said, it now seems that the infection theory does not take over. It is still possible that my original theory is correct, with the fever leading to inflammation, although they could also be completely unrelated.

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  1. Here's to hoping the fever obeys! And that some mystery abates.