Thursday, October 20, 2011

Latest Update

Well today was interesting. This morning (um...yes, first thing) I spoke to a doctor who probably mentioned what was going on, but it wasn't clear what the path was going to be. He said at some point today the whole group would come in to talk with me about it.

Then later in the day BOTH doctors from the Infection Disease group came and saw me, and heard me complain about how little I know and where things might be going. They handled it very well. The next thing they wanted was another MRI to see if there was a sack trapped inside that had some infection which was leading to the fever. I hadn't yet had anyone actually talk with me about when an MRI might be, but I figured if it's not scheduled soon, I'm in for the weekend....

Then there was an earthquake.

Then at some point, one of my great nurses (there were three of them - I can recognize them but can't remember their names) came in to tell me some information: a) They want an MRI sometime "today"; b) I have been taken off the antibiotics; and c) She will find out (and help pressure them) to nail down a time so that if it all looks good I can get out tonight!

Around 5:30 I went in for the MRI, and soon after returning (and eating some sushi with Frodo), I found out the MRI looked great and if I wanted I could leave tonight, or tomorrow. Tonight or tomorrow?!? I want outta here right now! So my wonderful freighbor who's been helping a lot with everything is out here now ready to take me back to my place.

However, their is a slight kink. I have a really good friend who is now an Infective Disease doctor out in Boston, and he's still a little concerned (from my description) that it still might be infected. He named two particular infections that take 5-7 days to form. He actually knows one of the two doctors in the ID dept. here, and so he's gonna "heckle" her to find out what they thought about those. All said, he did agree that going home and keeping an eye on it would be fine. Hopefully they keep watching the culture and that they set it up the right way to test it for these other possible bacteria.

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